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Catalog and Customer Registration

The 2024 Kankakee Nursery Catalog!

Pore through our new catalog and you'll be able to:

  • Discover what new plants we're growing in 2024!
  • See our ever-increasing list of NATIVE varieties we are producing!
  • Learn more about the benefits of our eco-friendly, fabric Root Pouch containers!
  • Admire all the gorgeous new photos (of our plants and our employees)
  • Guide your landscape plan with in-depth plant characteristics, shipping and sizing details and much more!

Want to join our mailing list? Email us at and we'll get one fresh catalog in the mail right away and one new one each year thereafter! 

Trying Kankakee plants for the first time? Please fill out our New Customer Form.

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Click the cover image to view our 2024 Catalog!
Click the cover image to view our 2024 Catalog!

Kankakee Nursery Catalog Time Capsule

Here are a few of our favorite catalog covers over our 90+ year history! Click the cover to view the full image.