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Catalog and Customer Registration

The 2021 Kankakee Nursery Catalog!

Pore through our new catalog and you'll be able to:

  • Discover what new plants we're growing in 2021
  • Learn more about our expanding ROOT POUCH PROGRAM
  • Admire all the gorgeous new photos (of our plants and our employees)
  • Plan for 2021 with published pricing
  • Guide your landscape plan with in-depth plant characteristics, shipping and sizing details and much more!

To request to be added to our yearly catalog mailing list, please call us toll free at (800) 344-7697 or email us at

You can also apply for a credit account, access our Nursery Certificate and more using the links below!







Kankakee Nursery 2021 Catalog-Click to View!
Kankakee Nursery 2021 Catalog-Click to View!

Kankakee Nursery Catalog Time Capsule

Here are a few of our favorite catalog covers over our 90+ year history! Click the cover to view the full image.