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Sales Representatives

Meet Our Sales Team!

Steve Worth-Sales Manager

Steve has been with Kankakee for 42 years, and has overseen sales for the last 30. He holds a business degree from Bradley University. Steve has also been heavily involved in the Illinois Green Industry Association, serving as President in 2018.

Phone: 815.614.5558

Fax: 815.937.9389


Tom Fister

Tom joined Kankakee Nursery in the spring of 2007, bringing 31 years of experience in the green industry. Tom holds a bachelors degree in forest management from the University of Illinois and serves our customers in Chicagoland, Michigan and Indiana.

Phone: 815.614.5574

Fax: 219.663.8794



Pete Reeser

Pete #1 has worked covering the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains states for Kankakee since 1996 and has been in the nursery industry for almost 40 years. His experience includes management positions in retail/wholesale garden centers and in field-growing operations. He holds a degree in botany from Eastern Illinois University. Pete also took over Minnesota for us in 2016.

Phone: 815.614.5573



Pete Worth

Pete #2 joined Kankakee in the summer of 2009 and is an inside/outside sales representative covering the city of Chicago, Southern & Western Illinois, Iowa & Wisconsin. He holds a bachelor's degree from Marquette University. In addition to his sales duties, Pete handles the scheduling of all Kankakee deliveries, leads various marketing efforts and maintains this sparkling website.

Phone: 815.614.5556

Fax: 815.937.9389